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Tamper Resistant Radon Testing Using Electronic Monitors With An InspectionTesting using a continuous radon monitor. This device is tamper resistant and meets current EPA protocols. Results are available the day that the test is completed. No waiting for the mail and the lab. $180.00
Buyer Protection PlanInsurance policy for your Home Inspection. What happens if you don’t go to closing, even after you have paid for your home inspection? For only $49.95 you are protected. Our exclusive Buyer Protection Plan provides you with well-deserved peace of mind. If for any reason the deal does not go to closing, you are protected from purchasing another home inspection. For example, if the sellers withdraw the property from the market, the mortgage process falls through, the home inspection uncovers significant deficiencies, or you withdraw your offer for ANY reason, your next inspection is FREE (up to the value of the previous home inspection) The Buyer Protection Plan is valid for 60 days after your initial home inspection. Additional Services, such as radon testing, are not included in this offer. $49.95
Pest InspectionVisual Pest Inspection including form NPMA-33 $125.00
Mold Sampling  250.00


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